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I Should Have Seen This Coming All Along. [entries|friends|calendar]

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kate. [Saturday
11:34pm June 2nd]
hey, i miss you and this was the only way i KNEW you would read it. i love you and i should be seeing you in like a month. oh, and i didn't forget about you.
I'm betting I'm not.

11:08am April 25th]
I think my mother's having an affair.
I'm betting I'm not.

People of 2006. [Thursday
9:04am December 14th]
[ mood | disappointed ]

January - Nicole, Adam W., Jack
February - Nicole, Krueger
March - Eddy, Mia, Adam M., Jake, Ryan Fucking Gay, Krueger
April - Mia, Adam M., Vick, Ryan Fucking Gay, Jake, Krueger
May - Mia, Jake, Dave, Joe
June - Dave, BrianDad, Jake, Ben, Big White, Noah, Ryan Fucking Gay
July - Jake, Dave, Chris, Steven, Micah, Mary, Shady
August - Steven, Ashley, Chris, Shady, Mary, Micah, Krueger
September - Ashley, Becca, Chris, Steven, Micah, Schmidtke
October - Ashley, Becca, Chris, Steven, Josh, Kyle, Nate, Micah, Mia, Jake, Newman, G, Kelly, Heather, Ryan Fucking Gay
November - Heather, Kyle, Kelly, G, Micah, Shady, Becca
December - Mia, Jake, Ashley, Chris, Adam W., Shady

Ahh, I miss the good ol' days.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Nicole & I.
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My girlfriend, Becca, & I.

I'm betting I'm not.

3:25pm November 30th]
I miss you. And you know who you are.
Call Me A Safe Bet 1 I'm betting I'm not.

This is for Kate. [Sunday
12:06am March 12th]
[ mood | awake ]

So I haven't updated in about 12 years. I am very sorry (Kate). A lot has happened. Good things, Bad things. But, That's the past.

Today I decorated my bedroom. It's pretty cool. It's all Motion City Soundtrack-ified.

I have decided that not keeping up with Livejournal was a bad thing. It's time to keep up.


Call Me A Safe Bet 3 I'm betting I'm not.

It's as if knowone cares... [Monday
6:37am January 16th]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I don't know how my father could do this to me. He is going to Walden without me. Why? Tonight is the A Change Of Pace concert and I'm not sure if I can go. My life is dumb. Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 3 I'm betting I'm not.

Alas! An Entry... [Saturday
10:26pm January 14th]
[ mood | busy ]

Okay so I had this dream..: I was sitting in my Aunt Joni's house which was actually my house in the place of hers (this is dreamworld guys...i'm not that crazy). There were these warnings on the television about the clouds being too big and we were going to be absorbed or something. I was so scared of these clouds that I started to cry. All of a sudden I walk into my living room and Chris Carrabba and my friend, Adam are looking out the window. These long ladders some out of the clouds and the aliens from the movie Signs come down and Chris and Adam start waving. Chris then says, "The Aliens are here!" Then I woke up cracking my ass up. Don't ask. Dashboard was purely amazing. I have a project due in 9 hours and I have nothing done. Rosie*

My dad bought me Automatic For The People and I haven't stopped listening to it.

Call Me A Safe Bet 2 I'm betting I'm not.

9:44am December 31st]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Call Me A Safe Bet 1 I'm betting I'm not.

8:56am December 31st]
I am the only one who knows what time she gets home every night. She gets out at 9pm. why was she walking in at 5:30am? She can't take off of work because it's too big of a risk. Is that because her boyfriend (yes. i said boyfriend.) works there? If that's too big of a risk, then what do you call walking in at 5:30? He's moving around the block. Rosie*
Call Me A Safe Bet 1 I'm betting I'm not.

You Make Me Happy. I Am Invisible... [Friday
8:56pm December 30th]
[ mood | weird ]

Today I got a little carried away with the peanut butter. I was eating peanut butter off of a spoon and I got a little on my right hand. Something (I think it was the mighty JIF. That's only because choosy moms choose JIF)took over and the next thing i knew there was peanut butter all over my hands and I was yelling, "This feels good!" Rosie*

Sorry if I disturbed you...

I'm betting I'm not.

10:28pm December 26th]
[ mood | awake ]

For those of you who are wondering why I am not replying to your comments, I just want to let you know that it is not my fault. My computer is ghetto and I am lucky I can even update. I am truly sorry. Rosie*

Kate. I think I should go to your house for Thanksgiving. I could only imagine the amount of singing we would be doing.

Amanda. I have one Saves The Day cd.

Does anyone find it funny that I have to keep my livejournal set 3 months ahead? LIke I said, My computer is ghetto, yo.

Are you supposed to just continue putting "S"'s after the "P"?

Call Me A Safe Bet 2 I'm betting I'm not.

Money?!?! [Monday
3:44pm December 26th]
[ mood | whatever ]

I don't know why I go out in public. It just makes me feel worse. Lynne is THE best person ever. How would I have all these Bright Eyes cds? Can't wait to go to Record Theatre tomorrow. Desaparecidos on vinyl, yo. I hope I'm ok. I might go see Punchline on Friday with Lynne. It's not Dashboard but whatever. Like Natalie said, I have to get over it. I am not going no matter what. Way to crush everything. I still am stuck on the fact that SOMEONE will take me even though they won't. Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 2 I'm betting I'm not.

Walk with me...Please... [Sunday
1:29pm December 25th]
[ mood | blank ]

When I say that I stop caring about things everybody freaks out.
The scary thing is, I stopped caring awhile before I said anything.
He's being a jerk to me.
She's trying to make things work.
The one at the lunch line yells things at me while walking by.
The one that I live with won't take off work for one night of bliss (even if it's bliss for me and not her).
He works five days a week.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays are the days I am truly happy.
The concert's Friday.
I am refusing to go to school.
I am refusing to go to the homecoming game.
I'll only attend the concert, Otherwise I'll attend the crying session in my bed.
He won't stop being a jerk o me.
The tall one likes my sister.
I like him.
She's 12, He's 16.
I need a break.

Call Me A Safe Bet 1 I'm betting I'm not.

Haven't Updated In Years... [Monday
2:17pm December 19th]
[ mood | amused ]

My conputer is such a dumbass. I hate it. Anyway, the football game was so fun. Cristian couldn't be any nicer. The funny part was when i asked when he wanted to hang out.

Me:When do you want to hang out?
Cristian:Right now.
Me:We are hanging out.
Cristian:Oh! I thought you said "Make Out!"

I thought that was funny. Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 2 I'm betting I'm not.

So Keep The Blood In Your Head. And Keep Your Feet On The Ground... [Tuesday
12:56pm December 13th]
[ mood | Ouch. Mouth. Hurt. Yikes. ]

Today I got my braces put on the top. I have never looked so bad in my entire life. I look like a fucking idiot. I have decided not to leave my house unless I really have to. I hate this.

In other news. This really hot kid sits near me in a few classes (his last name starts with and E and mine with and H so we're pretty close). If he wasn't in my classes I would be bored. I have him to look at.

My mouth hurts so I am going to go take a nap. To think I have to go out to dinner tonight. Ughh. Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 2 I'm betting I'm not.

So To Hell With Holiday Romances... [Saturday
11:56pm December 10th]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I think Matt hates me.  I asked him to go to the mall today and he said he was busy.  Two hours later i saw him there with Elliot Love and he imediatly made up the excuse of, "just buying a shirt".  If I am annoying I want to know.  Am I annoying?  Now I am sad.  Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 1 I'm betting I'm not.

I'd Never Sell My Belt To Industry... [Friday
5:07pm December 9th]
[ mood | amused ]

New and exciting addictions:
-Record Theatre
-Saddle Creek
-Talking to Kate
That's all I've got for now but I will have nore soon. Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 1 I'm betting I'm not.

"OMG! It's Shawn Harris"...retard [Monday
2:21am December 5th]
[ mood | hyper ]

Earlier I was watching my new skate and surf festival dvd. After a while I got bored and started pretending to play guitar along with the music. Then, I went and got my guitar and said, "Hey! You guys started without me", while I simeltaniously pointed at the tv. At this point my sister was on the floor laughing and I was jumping around like a drugged-out maniac. I got so into it that I tripped on a pillow and flew across the floor. Before I knew it I was laying on the floor with my guitar on my face. It hurt so bad but i couldn't stop laughing. Later, In the shower i founf out that I have this GIANT bruise on my chest. These are the things that happen when you act like a dumbass. Rosie*

Guitars are heavier than you think. Keep that in mind.

Call Me A Safe Bet 8 I'm betting I'm not.

Cheeses Crust, I'm Hungry! [Sunday
9:38pm December 4th]
[ mood | amused ]

Today I was taking a shower and i noticed my sister's new soap. It says, "soaked in tickles". Then, I realized if i was soaked and then someone started tickling me I'd be pretty pissed. Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 3 I'm betting I'm not.

That 70's Show... [Friday
11:32pm December 2nd]

According to Kate, Hyde is, "wonderful and magical". To me, that's just disturbing. Things are getting better. The tension has died down a great deal. Yes. It's true. Natalie made me a myspace. I didn't ask her to. She just did. i think I'll just look at other's with it. Yeah. That sounds good. Anyways, I am babysitting tomorrow night! That means cash for me. Just call me, "The Babysitter". I am the greatest. The new Alternative Press came out today. But do any stores in shitville, USA have them yet? NO! That makes me mad. I get it every month the day it comes out. It's like a treat for myself. Urghh. Well, hopefully tomorrow I'll have it. To think I called Media Play, Wegman's, Tops, and Target. Rosie*

Call Me A Safe Bet 8 I'm betting I'm not.

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